2022 Predictions

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What are our predictions for 2022? read below to find out!

Digital World

We all know that the world we live in, is in the age of technology, there is always a new development or solution being brought to the table. Predictions for 2022 come from those in industry, like CEO of OnProcess, Oliver Lemanski, who believe we will all be witness to a “dramatic move to digital self-service” in the coming year. 

If past trends are anything to go by, this seems highly likely to be in the realm of possibility. Streamlining service for customers and taking some of the pressure off of employees are two relevant and important topics in our modern working society so this could very well be something we see in 2022.


We know, we already have an article addressing uncertainty; sadly though, this is something that will not be leaving any time soon. The sense of uncertainty across so many business’ is an understandable concept, who wouldn’t feel a sense of uncertainty in the trying times?

When you can’t be certain what’s coming next, a new lockdown or a new variation of the COVID-19 virus, a shortage of drivers or anything out of your control- you’re bound to feel some pressure. We know, we always want to be on top of our game, to smash any obstacle that is in our way; but sadly we aren’t always in control and if 2021 is anything to go by, is that we won’t be and that’s normal, that’s okay!

Ironically, something we can be certain of is that we will share a feeling of uncertainty going into 2022.

Electric Trucks

Hopefully this year will be the year that more electric trucks are put into production, utilising a renewable and non-pollutive energy source is critical for this in industry going forward. Why is it critical that the move to electric vehicles is made? To reduce carbon emissions and in result, to combat climate change.

As we all could have guessed, “transport is the largest emitting sector of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions” emitting a whopping “27% of the UK’s total emissions” according to the Department of Transport. These figures are from 2021s annual Travel and Environment statistics report. It’s time we take a stand against non-sustainable energy sources, as a sector that heavily relies on travel, and herald in the era of green travel!

Our predictions are based off of industry knowledge and research and are no means certain, we are just sharing our thoughts! 

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Harrison Jones-Cross