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After a treacherous two years, juggling the effects of Brexit and COVID-19 simultaneously is something that has been difficult for many business’ across the supply chain. Although we have elaborated on their effects in our previous articles, we wanted to highlight the ongoing effect that has trickled down to almost all walks of life, business and personal; that being uncertainty.

Uncertain Of What?

There’s a plethora or reasons why one should feel uncertain during this time, but for business across the supply chain, those reasons are relatively obvious, let’s list them off before we elaborate on each.

Why do we feel uncertainty in this period?

  • Large business operating internationally may struggle with not only travel but with
  • Manufacturing, due to huge amounts of manufacturing being carried out in China, there has been a postponed manufacturing service as well as a longer transport time
  • The need to outsource material, product and labour means further uncertainty for large organisations as reliance is placed on somebody else

It almost feels that if something isn’t being rushed into completion, then it’s not certain to happen. Due to us all trudging through such an odd and unpredictable time, forecasting for your business’ future may prove difficult, but what we can take from this all it that nothing is ever fully in our control as human beings; anything can crop up at any time and leave a knock on effect incredibly far down the line.

Errors occur along the way, whether we like it or not some things are out of our hands, and COVID-19 was the teacher of this monumental lesson. As long as we have plans set in place, a great morale and the ability to pick up the pieces when they fall apart, then we can always be certain to deliver on what we promise as organisations

We can be certain to take things one step at a time, to deliver the highest quality of whatever it is we do to whoever we are working with. 

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Harrison Jones-Cross