Amazons Electrical HGV’s

Fleet of Amazon electrical heavy goods vehicles lined up in warehouse yard

In a previous blog post we discussed carbon emissions within the supply chain, a few months later and, we’re all witness to five electrically powered HGV’s being added to Amazons delivery fleet, making them one of the first companies in the world to do so.

The five vehicles operating from fulfilment centres in Tilbury & Milton Keynes are completely battery powered and because they are replacing diesel powered HGV’s it is speculated this could result in up to 100,000 annual road miles being travelled completely carbon free, dropping the C02e by 170 tonnes.

Importantly to note, the UK now has over 1000 delivery vans that are powered electrically but, the electric HGV’s are only five out of nine that will be operating within the UK during 2022, these figures indicate the growing need for change as well as the industries drive to ensure that they happen.

With steps towards a carbon-free future from industry giants like Amazon, smaller players should begin to follow suit ensuring that the supply chain is on the road to being completely emission free within the next 15-20 years.

Congratulations to Amazon for creating a fleet of HGV’s that are set to decarbonise how the company navigate deliveries, these vehicles signify the beginning of a domino effect that will hopefully create a completely electrically powered supply chain.

We’re excited to be a part of the ever-growing, evolving & changing supply chain & promise we make a conscious effort when and where we can to guarantee that we are being as eco-friendly as possible. 

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Harrison Jones-Cross