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International Women’s Day- Women In Logistics

Warehouse worker crouching down and checking boxes on shelves with scanner. Female worker scanning boxes in rack.

Happy International Women’s Day!

Today is the day where every year, we internationally celebrate the progression women have made economically, socially, politically & culturally. We thought what better way to highlight how far women have come (even in the last few years) than by collating some facts and figures about women working across the Supply Chain.

Although the Logistics & Supply Chain industry is widely viewed as one that is a ‘male industry’, many individuals may be shocked to find out that women generate around 41% of the industry, studies tell. In the previous year studies showed that women were only making up 39% of industry, presenting us with a 3% rise- this steady incline has been happening for the past few years, as will be presented in a Gartner graph below. According to some studies found online, Women of Colour make up around 14% of work in supply chain organisations.

It’s critical that we continue to make the Logistics & Supply Chain a safe and welcoming place for everyone & anyone who has the drive to work within it. Through corporate/social governance and policies in place we can continue to drive a future that is progressive & diverse, and that’s exactly what we’re doing! According to another study, around 73% of Supply Chain organisations now have in place diversity & inclusion policies in place with the goal of attracting, developing and retaining women in the Supply Chain workforce.

In summary, the Supply Chain industry has come a long way from being an industry that was seen as a ‘male industry’ to now being an industry that is almost halfway built up of woman & we can only go up from here. We’d like to give a big thank you to all the women who work tirelessly within the industry & who help to keep the Supply Chain moving. 


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Harrison Jones-Cross