Frequently Asked Questions

Collated all in one place, browse our Frequently Asked Questions to delve deeper into some topics that you might find useful.

A third-party logistics (3PL) business such as Birmingham Bond is a middle man business that is dedicated to taking the weight off of your business in sourcing your own warehouse space, means of travel and everything in between.

As a HMRC approved ETSF facility, we are able to correctly and concisely deal with customs clearance.

What are your terms and conditions?

Our terms & conditions including our privacy policy are stated clearly over on our terms & conditions page.

Using Birmingham Bond to source your transport solutions will take the stress off of having to do all of the work for yourself.

Delivering a product punctually, safely and to a high standard is something that we consistently deliver on. Birmingham Bond strives to reach a high standard of quality and safety at every part of a customers & product journey. We can ensure that by partnering with us, your customer relations will stay strong.

We operate with a range of global clients, we have a wealth of knowledge in transport, but only work with stock imported into the UK.

We’re always there for our customers. If we’re required to get things done over the weekend then we will make sure there are systems in place for this to be completed.

Our staff are not only highly qualified, but also dedicated to the work that they carry out. We provide all of our staff with regular training, as we know an educated team is a successful team. Our team is our foundation & we always ensure that this remains strong.

If any mistakes are made along the way, contact us, we’re always be keen to troubleshoot any issues, whether they are our fault or someone else’s; we’ll always fix what we can.