Bonded Warehouse

Bonded Warehousing UK

As a HMRC approved External Temporary Storage Facility (ETSF), we are able to hold stock in our facility without the need for distributors to pay customs fees until the stock vacates our facility. We offer a full scope Brexit Solution with the aid of our in house customs team.

We’re a UK Centralised Clearance Hub, this means partnering with Birmingham Bond secures that your stock will bypass all of the backlog that you’d expect to encounter within major sea ports, as many have felt the knock-on effects of Brexit. As well as providing port solutions to our partners, Birmingham Bond has the ability to handle consignments by land, sea and air.

We have the ability to clear from any UK sea or airport, resulting in Birmingham Bond consistently delivering flexibility & reliability when providing both customs & groupage clearance.

You can rely on us to handle any of your complex customs issues.

What is a Bonded Warehouse?

Bonded warehousing is a secure and temporary storage solution for imported goods that are under customs control. In a bonded warehouse, goods are stored duty-free until they are either re-exported or released for domestic consumption.

Bonded warehousing enables efficient inventory management and reduces the costs associated with importation, as duties and taxes are not paid until the goods are cleared for domestic consumption. It also allows for flexible distribution solutions and helps streamline logistics operations.

With a focus on compliance and a secure environment, bonded warehousing is a valuable solution for businesses engaged in foreign trade. Key aspects of bonded warehousing include temporary storage, customs control, duty-free storage, logistics, and secure storage.

Full Use Of Any
UK Port

There’s no reason to limit your stocks journey. Birmingham Bond has the ability to clear from any UK port.

Tax-Free Storage Until Product Is Moved From The Premises

Store imported goods within the Bond safely and securely, without having to pay any customs fees until the product is going to be moved.

We’re a UK Based
Inland Port

This meaning that stock can come directly to our facility, no delays at Dover!

Always Open To A

No matter how big or small the job at hand is, Birmingham Bond is always open to a conversation. Don’t hold out, make sure you contact us today.