Processing/Contract Packing


Birmingham Bond always have the drive to take a challenge, and produce fantastic results for their customers. In this case study, we hope to showcase how that we operate with large jobs & why you should consider us for your next processing/packing job.

Black clothing that is hung up on matching black hangers, the clothing is hanging off of a white rail contrasting a white wall

The Challenge

Arcadia/BHS Garment Processing required our team to undertake the continual receipt, process and dispatch of garments to meet weekly store replenishment requirements, this was on an ongoing basis. The required amount of garments to process stood at 400,000 units weekly.

The Solution

We solved this issue by collating a team of experts, who were there to oversee & undertake the project, with a strong workforce behind them. We began the process of receipting containers, given a GRN, then put into the warehouse to be stored. Continuing to ensure a high quality across all that we do, we stayed on top of quality control with regular inspection.

If any remedial work was needed, it was easily undertaken by our varied and skilled employees. Items were steamed then hung ready for the next step of the process.

The next and final step was to sort items accordingly through accounts management, and have them processed according to the store, country and franchise requirements set. Styles were then merged and put into categories for dispatch.

The Results

The target that was set, was not only achieved but in every sense it was exceeded.

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