No More Warehouse Worries

Secure Warehousing

So, you’re in need of warehousing space but, you’re not sure exactly what you’re looking for? We believe that safety should be at the top of the priority list when looking for the right warehousing partner for your business.

Within our secure warehouse, security is critical to us at Birmingham Bond. Our six acre facility is manned & monitored with state of the art security systems at all times.

Our approach to secure warehousing involves the implementation of measures to protect stored goods from theft, damage, or unauthorised access. This includes physical security measures such as fencing, security cameras covering every inch of our facility, and security, as well as electronic security systems like our electronic fence and alarm systems.

Another crucial element for security is correct documentation as well as inventory management to ensure that items are individually tracked and accounted for.

Birmingham Bond consistently provides to customers a seamless storage to distribution service, combined with a prime location, based in the West Midlands. Although security is super important, we also think things should be easy. Our streamlined storage services have developed through the years & as a result have led to a secure, customer friendly warehousing experience.

Within our 300,000+ Sqft covered secure warehouse space, Birmingham Bond boasts 20,000+ pallet storage spaces.

Our warehouse management systems ensure we have the capacity to handle a variety of different groups of stock, we’ll detail a few of them below:

Fashion & Retail Goods

From simple labelling, processing, to quality control, stock ready for dispatch, to distribution and returns processing; Birmingham Bond has provided solutions & pallet storage to some of Europe’s most recognised brands.

Return Logistics

Handling product ranging from garments, FMCG to household goods, we offer a service encompassing recycling and destruction, delivering a sustainable 360 solution.

Food & Beverages

We handle re-pack, re-box, store and manage stock on behalf of our notable clients (including FIFO/LIFO). However, we do not customs clear alcoholic product.

Hardware & Appliances

High value goods & appliances are handled, secured and distributed on behalf of our global clients.

Secure Warehousing Case Studies