Third Party Logistics Services- 3PL

Third Party Logistics

What are Third Party Logistics?


Middle man companies such as Third Party Logistics (or 3PL abbreviated) providers have many positives to the way they operate. Within this page, we will briefly discuss how these factors are beneficial to business’ who partner with 3PL providers like us.
There are many benefits to working in partnership with a Third Party Logistics provider. If your business has goals to optimise inventory management, or is potentially interested in scaling upwards; then working with a 3PL business like Birmingham Bond may be beneficial to you.

By definition Third-Party Logistics (3PL) is an outsourcing solution for optimised supply chain management, offering transportation, warehousing, inventory management, and order fulfilment. Partnering with a 3PL offers cost-effective, efficient, and tailored solutions through technology, analytics, and real-time tracking. Key benefits of Birmingham Bond include outsourcing, scalability, expertise, as well as flexibility.

The Benefits:

Access To Industry

Working with a 3PL provider will grant you access to a team of professionals with an extensive knowledge of their industry.

A Focus On Customer

Here at Birmingham Bond we put our customers needs at the heart of all of our decisions.

Optimised Inventory

Manage inventory easily, with constant updates from us. Our Warehouse Management System will provide you with real time & just in time updates to allow you to track your package along its journey.

Better Value For

Due to our considerable network of connections, your business is guaranteed to be met with the best price for shipping & warehousing; because you won’t be responsible for sourcing your own.

Now you know what a 3PL provider is and the services that we offer- check out the services we provide at Birmingham Bond by clicking here.