Carbon Emissions and Logistics

A green forklift is placing a shrink-wrapped pallet of carton stock into the back of a trailer

Although not a new topic, it seems that the world is finally waking up to the issue of carbon emissions and what this could mean for the planet. Being a part our industry means that we need to be not only conscious of the current environment crisis, but active in it’s aid.

Let’s run you through some figures, to give you an idea of how important the movement to clean and sustainable travel is to customers in the modern day- according to Yodel:

  • A third OR 32% OF over 55’s said that they would be more inclined to choose a courier company based on how environmentally friendly they are
  • 28% of younger shoppers claimed that they would take into consideration carbon emissions before making a purchase from any company
  • 53% OR more than half of 18-34 year olds said they would be more inclined to purchase if the delivery company was focused on reducing their carbon emissions

This study is a clear indication that without a focus on becoming environmentally friendly, there is a high probability that business opportunities, and customers will be lost. Even though this study at hand refers to a customer receiving an item by courier, these statistics are representative of their attitude toward emissions in general.

Focusing on a sustainable and renewable future should not only be the focus of business for the sake of sales and revenue, but it should be the focus because we need to look after the planet that looks after us all, for the sake of ourselves and generations to come.

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