Salvaged Stock & Decontamination

The Challenge

So, how did we take the stock from damaged stock to salvaged stock?

The challenge at hand here, was to try and salvage a collection of high value storage units that had begun to exhibit signs of a fungal contamination and undertake QC & cleaning of all product. Not everything is glamorous in this industry, but we have to roll with the punches. The stock was not only high value, but there was a high quantity of units that required transport, as well as a storage solution.

The Solution

Tackling this task was essential at a fast pace so that no stock had the time to become damaged, this also needs to be managed swiftly to minimise risk to staff, and to prevent any further cost implications. Firstly, a laboratory analysis of the fungi had to be carried out across all contaminated objects to be certain the right solution is being delivered. We went on to “Biosweep”, deeply cleaning to eradicate the risk permanently.

The Results

Successful analysis of the fungus created a quick and successful remedy, we provided a transport fleet, storage, cleaning, repacking & delivery of the product all within 7 days. We proudly emerged from the issue with a collection of salvaged stock.

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