Reprocessing/Contract Packing

The Challenge

Reprocessing is one of many jobs we handle well, at any scale, let’s show you how!

4 million red noses had failed to cure en-route to their destination, due to the failure to cure the items became unsellable, as well as irreplaceable. Due to this, Sainsbury’s were presented with a hugely time critical task due to the upcoming launch date of “Red Nose Day”, that’s when they promptly approached Birmingham Bond to research a possible solution to their monumental problem. We knew that we had to undertake various trials to identify the problem, and in turn, deliver the solution.

The Solution

We know that a solid team is the foundation of a great product, therefore we created a project team to implement & undertake the task at hand. Our team came up with the idea to acquire and install 50 ovens, and to keep the contract packing line running 24/7 to achieve the desired deadline. Each unit was then baked for 2.5 hours, going on to be verified by ITS, then finally all repacked individually.

The Results

After the deadline was met, there was a total amount of 2.5 million noses that we had baked and individually packed, the remainder of the noses were sold for recycling.

This is just an example of our reprocessing capabilities at Birmingham Bond, we have a team who are always ready to handle Reprocessing and Contract Packing jobs no matter the difficulty.

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