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Our Company Promise

Keeping Promises and Building Bonds...

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Quality Management

We understand the importance of quality at Birmingham Bond and are continually wanting to deliver on our company promise of a high quality service for all of our customers, doing this is at the core of what we do & who we are.

Through rigorous checks and policies in place, Birmingham Bond consistently delivers the highest quality of logistics solutions spanning the entire supply chain. Using our past, and current experiences to mould ourselves into an organisation which delivers, is held at the highest regard here for all members of the Birmingham Bond family.

We are committed to abiding by our promise on providing a safe, high quality and sustainable logistics service to all of our customers and business partners. Instilled into all of our management through to our office & warehouse staff; we believe delivering quality service should be the focus of any business, and ours is no exception.

Health & Safety

Through diligent training practice and policies in place, Birmingham Bond puts health and safety at the core of everything we do, all the way across our supply chain. Working with or for Birmingham Bond guarantees a safe work practice for all, from the office, to the warehouse, all the way to the drivers we work with.

We know that being aware, and educated will ensure a safe work practice for all employees, and for anyone that we work with.


It’s all good and well having policy in place for health & safety, but if there’s no compliance, what’s the point? At Birmingham Bond, compliance with our internal and external regulation is an integral part of how our business operates.

At Birmingham Bond, business wide, all of our activities are in line with our ethical codes of conduct, this helps to promote positive and trustworthy interactions with all of our customers, employees and others we encounter, internal and externally.

Integrity is important to us, we want you to know that we are trustworthy, we are ethical and moreover we are a business you can work alongside with no qualms. Our behaviour will always remain ethical and abide by all of the practices we have set in place.

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Human Rights

Human Rights are a fundamental part of any business, or any part of life. Elaborating on this in our Diversity & Inclusion commitment, no matter the age, race, sexual orientation or religious beliefs, Birmingham Bond vows to oppose any and all violations and limitations of human rights and dignity.

An integral part of our business is our people, they inspire us to apply these values across our business model, we promote a working culture that supports human rights and one that governs respect.

Our company promise at Birmingham Bond actively goes against forced labour, child labour, human trafficking and modern slavery. 

Labour Rights

Birmingham Bond strives to give all of our employees a fair and equitable working life, we know that our employees are our foundation. Giving a fair, supportive and safe environment across all stretches of our organisation is wholly important to us, it’s something that is at the forefront of everything we do. 

We engage with any and all discussions and conversations with any and all of our staff, being open with any dialogue allows us to ensure all of our employees are happy and that they are content with their working standards. Birmingham Bond is always open to constructive conversation, we consistently put the rights of our employees first.

Diversity & Inclusion

At Birmingham Bond we are committed to our promise on providing an inclusive and diverse environment for all of our staff, and for those who are going to join us.

We stand by the belief that no matter someones age, race, sexual orientation or religious beliefs, that we are all one and the same and should be treated as such. To be able to live freely, happily and to be uplifted is the simplest thing we can give to everyone we come in contact with.

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