How BREXIT affected us and the supply chain

Now, we all know that there have been some monumental shifts over the past couple of years, in many aspects; coronavirus and Brexit being at the very top of that list. In this post we’re going to share with you why change might not always be as bad as it seems and to highlight what we’ve done to adapt to an always changing industry and supply chain.

Although Brexit was coming up to two years ago, now, the knock on effects echo through many different industries, the supply chain and logistics are not exempt from this list. Seeing as a huge portion of our industry surrounds importing and exporting, you can begin to see why.

There have been a range of issues that have arisen for business’ in the midst of Brexit, as well as post-Brexit. Problems such as:

  • A more costly import and export process
  • A less efficient Import and export process
  • A shift in how we as an industry would normally deal with and manage things within the supply chain

However, change isn’t always a bad thing! With the worry of everything being flipped on it’s head due to Brexit, we at Birmingham Bond (just like many others) have taken the change in our stride and we are proud to say we offer an exceptional and efficient service that all of our customers can vouch for.

With a great team under your belt, as business goes- anything is possible. Staff who work hard, and that are open to learning, to cross those important hurdles are the basis of a strong business.

What we’re trying to say is, if you have the right team around you, you can always plan for new risks that arise, new problems, new opportunities… anything really. As long as you plan! Take the time to submerge yourself in what all seems so negative, rationalise it and come out of it with the ball in your court.

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